Is the most chosen clinic in Poland by EU and USA citizens. Our clinic is based in very modern biulding with its area reaching 1300 square meters.


Polmedtravel is create by well qualified specialists in plastic surgery, aestethic medicine and dermatology.


The basis of the clinic is high quality services, patient comfort and modern technology.


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  • Were you pleased with the treatment? I can highly recommend this clinic in Poland. From the first step then you contact the clinic, you been taking care of, get quickly answers and they are very friendly about helping you with transport, hotel etc. There are no stupid questions and you can ask them anything. The result is perfect. The doctor who operated me (Peter) is very qualified and done a very good job. He is also very kindly and takes time to listen to all your questions. The price is very competitive compared to all the clinics I researched, before I decided to get this operation. Then you are in Wroclaw, the consultants are there all the time, very friendly and help you with anything. I can only give this clinic my best recommendations and say that my experience about getting operated in Poland is very good. A little plus: Wroclaw is a very beautiful city, where there are many things to see then you stay there.

    Thor Esbjerg
    Full Abdominoplasty
  • I was very happy with the treatment and the staff and of course the price was excellent.

    Dentist Consultation
  • Were you pleased with the treatment? I so very pleased I went to this clinic after previously going to another clinic ,that I recommended also ,However , later my results were not good and I did speak to Adam at Beauty Med who said it was a waste of time and money ! to be corrected , but I was disappointed with Adams comments to me , this time and last year ,and so I emailed Polmed on the Saturday as I was actually in Wroclaw, so Polmed immediately connected me by email , I was impressed ,so soon as it was the weekend ,Daga IS A LOVELY PERSON AND extremely efficient, so Sunday AM Dega arrived at my hotel and took me to the Polemed clinic to have blood tests , fantastic !!, next day at 9.am I was picked up my Daga, and taken to the clinic everything was extremely good forms done etc I saw Doctor Peter and he knew my problem listened to me that I wanted lipo plus the swelling taken away which I was assuming to be scar tissue , it wasn’t!!!!! so after everything I was taken to a clean warm private room with TV …and everyone nurse’s etc ,very friendly, taking fantastic care through out the arrival during the night etc , I had expressed to Daga who informed the doctor I was very sick after always with general anaesthetic I was amazed that I wasn’t sick ,omg this was brilliant The doctor is a qualified aesthetician so I WASNT SICK AFTER ,I cant tell you how good I felt a restful nights sleep ,whilst the nurses looked after me and not once was I sick … on the whole I am so happy to say I would recommend going to this clinic …you are also given a mobile to contact Daga should any problems arise I’m impressed and again thank you DrPeter and Daga and her cousin and all the people who took care of me …I am now going home on Friday very happy ..Katherine in the UK

  • Were you pleased with the treatment? I AM SO VERY HAPPY I WENT TO POLEMED , I previously used Beautymed and I was always Happy with Adams work however last year I wasn’t so happy I wanted lipo plus what I thought was scar tissue taken out ,however Adam wouldn’t do lipo or take out the scar tissue he said it was a waste of time and money I saw him again last week and again he said he wouldn’t do it ,I was so disappointed after I’ve had a few surgeries with Adam ,and so I contacted Polemed I was actually so impressed as I emailed on Sunday Daga a lovely lady got straight back in touch by email I told her what I wanted doing and sunday she arrived at my hotel , picked me up and drove me at have blood tests done ,Monday wow !!!!! I had lipo all over my stomach and hips a fantastic price so impressed plus the swelling I thought was scar tissue turned out to be something else !! with little scar tissue ,also taken out ,I am going back to England very happy , all in all DAGA is wonderful she speaks good English picks you up supplies you with a mobile and takes care of your every need I am so impressed the nurses are incredible around the clock , I informed them I am always sick after the general anaesthetic , I was amazed I woke up after a restful nights sleep ,again the nurses took care of me around the clock , Dr Peter is a qualified ANESTECIAN so he made sure I wasn’t sick !!!magical something n the anaesthetic to stop me being sick …simply fantastic I felt great I woke up to anice cuppa tea and cheese roll , etc etc I could go on forever in a nutshell I’m going back to England very happy I advise anyone go to Polemed I’m converted and my friends will be informed go here …thank you to Dr Peter Daga AND HER COUSIN THE NURSES AND again a big thank you from KATHERINE IN THE UK

    Katherine York
  • Were you pleased with the treatment? I had got in touch with a few clinics as I wanted several things done, a surgeon who could perform several different procedures with the highest results! The procedures were fat removal in the face to create a more defined face, fat in the cheekbone area instead of implants as well as the chin area to elongate the face, liposuction on my legs and thighs and breast enhancements. I got in touch with polmed and they answered all my questions quickly with prices and dates Available, I was then helped with accommodation and flight arrangements. I was very apprehensive about travelling to a different country as thanks hunni! Yea I will pop over I look like a homeless African child at the moment as I’ve just been recovering lol but yea def will pop over I’m away again next Tuesday but I come back on sat so! I want to try and get back to work in like 2weeks or do when the scabs fall off completely, anyways how is the bump looking? Is it tiring? Cxot only is the language different but I also felt the level of care would be to a much lower standard! But I was presently surprised as the service was second to none! I was met at the airport taken to my hotel, given a mobile phone, taken to the clinic for my consultation with doctor p and then taken for blood tests and also shown around Wroclaw city centre where I was treated to some local food, the day of surgery I was picked up shown to my private room where I was with put at ease at all times two representative from polmed were with me to translate any last questions I had for the doctor, I had 5 procedures throughout my recovery the doctors, nurses and polmed were amazing! I would say the treatment as a patient was second to none! I would recommend always I’m healing really well results are looking better and better every day.

    Private Newcastle
  • Were you pleased with the treatment? I travelled to Wroclaw early January to have my surgery. Overall the process was smooth, efficient and the staff were absolutely lovely and made me feel at ease at all times. I was greeted at the airport by representatives of PolMedTravel, who not only took me to the clinic on multiple occasions but also to my hotel. Throughout my stay, they were quick to answer all my questions and nothing was too much trouble for them. They even provided me with a local mobile phone to contact them if I had any problems when I was by myself. The surgery was relatively quick and painless and so far the results are just what I had imagined. Dr. Peter Rataj was very thorough at explaining the steps to me and ensuring that we achieved the right aesthetic, based on my face shape. He was a very gentle surgeon and I had minimal discomfort during the procedure as well as afterwards. The clinic where I had my surgery was clean and in great condition and the staff were very friendly. From my experience, I have no hesitation recommending it and PolMed Travel to anybody interested in cosmetic procedures! I will definitely return!

    Christopher Den Haag
    Chin Implant
  • Were you pleased with the treatment? They were very helpful and looked after me during the whole process; clarifying and explaining everything in details. After surgery I was assisted really well by their staff, beyond my expectations; they really go the extra mile. I am happy with the treatment and results and would definitely recommend Polmed to family and friends.

    Fabio Dublin
  • Were you pleased with the treatment? I had the best experience with this clinic. Everyone was very friendly and made sure I had all my questions answered and was comfortable. The doctor is amazing I was able to go back to my regular life with ease. After the bruising and swelling went down my face looked amazing! I feel about 20 years younger and everyone keeps telling me I look well rested and fresh faced. I would recommend this facility to everyone who wants surgery, minor or big! Thy know what they are doing with the best customer service!

    Treatments Facelift

  • Were you pleased with the treatment? Daga from Polmed without a doubt a gem who does a fabulous job. Dr P a very good talented surgeon who I wouldn’t hesitate to go back too. Nursing staff could be more vigilant with Post-Op care of the clients, but as a nurse myself i am very critical. Overall I am ecstatic with my results so far, I am however, only 1 week Post-op but my breasts look great already! I would highly recommend this surgeon.

    Tamara Swindon
    Breast reduction with uplift


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