Dear patient, welcome to health and beauty zone. PolmedTravel has been created from passion and love to people.We all have one home… Planet Earth, that is way PolmedTravel has raised on its wings all the countries and language barriers. Welcome to transnational plastic surgery and aesthetic dental zone.Every patient coming to us is treated with individual end exceptional care within our clinic and outside it. During your stay in Poland you’ll receive help and care from your personal assistant who will lead you from first meeting. We’ll provide you transport, polish network mobile phone to stay in touch with you during your visit, all of it is free of charge as PolmedTravel wants you to feel safe and comfortable. Patients from all around the world have trusted us and so they awarded us with 5* order.



POLMED Travel is create by well qualified specialists in plastic surgery, aestethic medicine and dermatology. POLMED Travel is the most chosen clinic in Poland by EU and USA citizens. Our clinic is based in very modern biulding with its area reaching 1300 square meters. Our clinic has two operacional theaters and several private rooms with bathroom, TV and DVD. For our patients from outside Wroclaw we offer transport and a guide care (free of charge) in our city. Every patiens will be provided not only with nursing care but with idividual assistant as well. We guarntie the best quality of our services, safty and secrecy.

We are spesialazed in following:
–    facelifting, neck lift. chin lift, browlift,
–    Upper and lower eyelids vividness,
–    belly sculpting,
–    breast implants, breast enlarging,
–    breast lift,
–    liposuction: stomach, hips, thighs, arms and other parts of body,
–    face sculpting, lip enlarging.

Clinic Stomatology

Aesthetic Dentistry and Implantology Center was founded in October
2000. The basis of the clinic is high quality dental services, patient comfort and modern technology.We have three modern treatment rooms, radiological laboratory and prosthetics.We use modern methods of pain relief . Among other things: laughing gas.
Anesthesia with nitrous oxide.
Inhalation sedation is not well known, mainly because she appeared in Poland only in 1995 and is not included in teaching methods in Polish Medical Universities.