Please read carefully all the information provided in the part “Step by step”. That will bring you closer to order of steps and medical procedures. This page has been created to make your trip and contact with your doctor as easy as possible. Remember, we here to help you and assist you with all your individual needs and requirements.

  • Please read carefully all the information provided on our website. If you have any question please fill out request form or call. By sending request form you are not obliged to any further action.
  • Choose treatment that you are looking for and fill out request form. This form is placed in menu stripe under contact, once you have filled out you form just send it to us.
  • You will receive detailed plan of your stay in Wroclaw, initial estimation and plan of your procedure(s) along with your assistant’s phone number.
  • After receiving necessary information from us, you need to decide whether you want to go forward with services provided by our Clinic and travel to Wroclaw. We need to make sure that your health conditions is good enough to proceed with a treatment chosen by you. Final decision whether we go forward with treatment is up to doctor at our Clinic as it’s up to him as well to send you for additional exams as your health is the most important thing.
  • PolmedTravel will help to choose suitable for you and our clinic time of arrival. We help you with hotel or apartment reservation as well as we can help with choosing the most suitable way of traveling for you : by plane, car or by your own car. We pick you up from the airport and take you to the hotel, we take care of you so you’ll feel safe and comfortable. On your arrival you’ll get a prepaid mobile phone from one of the polish networks, with important contacts on it including one to your personal assistant, who will be bringing you to and from our Clinic.
  • Please remember to bring to Poland all your medical history documents with you. What exactly we will need you’ll find out once we have all your medical interview completed (anesthetic or dental questionnaire). You always must have document stating your blood group and your passport with you. If you don’t have your blood group established yet you need to do so either in your county or here in Poland.


  • Your assistant will be waiting for you at the airport or bus station, if you decide to get to Wroclaw by car our assistant will be waiting for you at the city suburbs, and then pilot you to your hotel or apartment and help you out with check-in.
  • Within 24h we will perform medical consultation. During this consultation initial plan of procedures may be changed, if such a think happens it is just to make sure your stay healthy. After such a consultation you can enjoy Wroclaw’s beauty and admire it’s monuments. We help you to organize you time in Wroclaw as memorable as possible. Shopping, SPA treatment, trips. We fulfill any of your request. Please read bookmark: tourist attraction in Wroclaw.


  • Prior to arrival no fees or deposits apply. For all the treatment you pay at the Clinic here in Wroclaw. At cosmetic surgery Clinic we accept only cash, at dental Clinic we accept both credit card and cash. Looking forward to see here.2.
  • Please remember all tourists before leaving country of origin should obtain travel insurance. EU citizens should apply for card confirming Healthcare insurance in their country.