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Art Hotel – is one of the loveliest and most atmospheric hotels in Wroclaw, located in the sixteenth century palace, located in the heart of old town. Its interior is decorated with unique works of art, famous artists of Wroclaw. In the privacy of Art Hotel find blissful peace, eat delicious, and if you desire variety, at your fingertips, you can enjoy all the activities offered by the Wroclaw.

Tourism attractions


Is one of the largest Polish cities, the capital of the province Lower Silesia. This city was founded on the Odra islands at the confluence of five rivers. Currently, Wroclaw is called the Venice of the North, because of the 117 bridges that have become a constant in his landscape.

Wroclaw universityThe stormy history of this city is crammed into its walls. Over the centuries, Wroclaw passed from hand to hand different countries, hence the diversity of architecture, which is quite a tourist attraction. The most famous and most visited places are: Town Hall, Aula Leopoldina, the building of the University and numerous picturesque buildings.

One of the biggest benefits of Wroclaw is also an abundance of greenery. The most visited locations include: founded in the eighteenth century Szczytnicki Park, in whose heart there is a Japanese Garden. Designed and maintained in accordance with the principles of Japanese garden art.

Botanical GardenNo less successful with tourists enjoying the Botanical Garden with its splendid exhibition of flowers, conservatory, alpine garden and the largest in Poland cactus collection. Favorite place to spend time with your family and not only is the Zoological Garden of about 5.5 thousand animals representing 650 species. Wroclaw belongs also to the thriving cultural centers operating.

Centennial hallIt is organized festivals of international importance, the greatest of these is the International Festival Wratislavia Cantans and music festival “Jazz on the Oder”, etc. The famous Centennial Hall, the venue for exhibition events and concerts, Wroclaw hosted a star of world music scene. Immediately, the corner of Centennial Hall, located in a charming place called the Pergola, its central point is one of europe’s largest multimedia fountains.

Undoubtedly, the attractions that you can not miss visiting Wroclaw is Panorama Raclawicka – a gigantic rotunda, whose interior is decorated with a panoramic painting of the Battle of Raclawice of 4 April 1794.

Another advantage of this beautiful city is the opportunity to enjoy its charms, by “walking boat” on the river Odra . However, when we already tired of the effort sightseeing in Wroclaw you will find all the cuisines of the world, and the cozy atmosphere of wroclaw’s restaurants will be able to enjoy their flavors.

For those who want to dance to good music invites Wroclaw by Night:


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