Procedure of hair transplantation:

This treatment is in local anesthesia. We are taking from the back and bottom (this is a place when your hair will never fall out) of your head small sample of skin with hair. This small section has got about couple of millimeters and it’s share for smaller pieces with few follicles on it. After that ever each piece is replacing to the place when your hair are gone. There are no discards of such transplantation, because it’s grafted our own body. However the result depend on skin blood flow in the first days after transplantation.


None of hair transplant surgery will give 100% effect. This is because part of the hair follicle dies after transplant. The reason is the blood supply to the scalp – in every man this processes are individual. This is the best method of hair transplantation.

After 7 days there may be just few almost invisible remnants of the scabs.

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