Crown-root post

In case of significant damage to the crown of the tooth with a healthy root preserved, a crown-root post can be used. It is made mostly of metal element which is cemented at the root of the tooth. The prosthetic crown is then placed on it, which fully restores the shape and color of the tooth.

Immediate post

This is the kind of screw made of titanium, which the doctor screw in the canal of the tooth to strengthen the tooth filling material connection to the rest of the tooth.

Porcelain crown

It is a prosthetic restoration allowing to restore badly damaged teeth.It looks like a „hat”, which is cemented on the tooth after grinding. The material covering the crown is usually porcelain, which allows to restore the natural shape and color of the tooth.

Temporary crown (provisional crown)

It is made and sticked on the grinded tooth,before the porcelain crown is ready. Allows the patient to normal function without fear that someone will notice a „problem with the tooth”

All-ceramic crown

Is all made of porcelain without metal substructure. Usually used on anterior teeth, in order to achieve maximum cosmetic effect.

Lava porcelain crown

This is crown made on zirconium oxide substructure, which provides very high strength of the crown, while maintaining a perfect aesthetic. During manufacturing of Lava crowns, CAD-CAM technology is used (computer scanning and processing).

Telescopic crown

This is a very precise crown used to hold the removable prosthesis.

Porcelain veneer

A veneer is a thin layer of porcelain made to fit over the front surface of a tooth. This allows us to mask discolorations, improve the shape and length of the front teeth Sometimes a natural colour ‚composite’ material is used instead of porcelain.

Partial denture

It is a removable prosthetic restoration, which replaces lost teeth and supports remaining teeth with staples, a small wire hooks. It is used when for some reason the permanent restoration can not be applied.

Complete denture

It is a movable prosthesis used in patients who lost all their teeth.

Skeletal denture

It is a mobile prosthesis with high stiffness, based on the patient’s teeth with cast metal staples. To maintain it on the teeth special precision clips can be used.

MDI Sendax 3M

Immediate stabilization of prostheses-this is a system to stabilize removable dentures with 4-6 miniimplants.

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