Dental serves to assess the oral cavity. Performed regularly every six months allows the early diagnosis of dental caries and other diseases intraoral.

Consultation prosthetic

Include, amongst conversation with the patient, which allows you to explore their preferences, and through additional diagnostic tests, to determine the optimal prosthetic treatment plan.

Consultation Implantology

Include, amongst an interview with the patient, in which, taking into account the indications and contraindications implant, as well as relevant additional diagnostic tests, we determine the qualitative and quantitative implant treatment plan.


Is a local anesthetic to eliminate pain while maintaining consciousness. Apply to surface and infiltration anesthesia. Concerns the mucosal surface anesthesia and involves the use of drugs in the form of a spray or gel, and infiltration anesthesia involves anesthetic ostrzyknięciu chosen destination.

Digital X-ray

We use the technique of digital radiographic- Kodak Dental System, allowing you to reduce the radiological dose absorbed by the patient, the immediate receipt of an image on a computer screen and its computer processing in order to better illustrate the important details.

Digital panoramic X-ray

Use in dentistry, surgery, prosthetics, implantology, in the treatment of periodontal disease. Performed in different projections represent a single anatomical structures such as teeth, the temporo-mandibular joints, bones of the jaws. On observing the degree of radiographic bone density and direction of tooth eruption, irregularities roots in the construction, location and position of the teeth roots of the maxillary teeth. These images also allow for an accurate assessment of periodontal status.

Scaling (scaling)

This procedure, which removed from the tooth surface plaque, soft and hard deposits, and the use of devices which emit ultrasound. This procedure can be performed on the surface of the over-and subgingival tooth.


Prophylactic surgery performed in healthy permanent teeth and milk. Consists in covering the sealant (sealant) fissures, cracks and cavities in teeth. Sealing reduces the risk of tooth decay even at 90

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