Tummy tuck

Tummy tuck is a procedure aiming at the flabby skin and adipose tissue removal from between ravel and pubic symphysis. During this procedure tummy muscles tuck is treated as well, this gives better outcome at the end. This procedure may be perfomed in shorter form- mini abdominoplasty.

Mainly for women with stretch marks changes problem, postpartum sagging tummy skin. Procedure may as well be used by men with large skin excess and relaxation. People with distinct  overweight and pregnancy planning women shouldn’t be subjected to this procedure.

This procedure is performed under either general or epidural anesthetic.

Patient has to stay for 24h at our facilities after. For 7-10 days afterwords patient has to be constantly monitored by a
doctor. For 1,5 month special pressure dressing has to be worn on treated are.

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